Old Willis Dairy Engagement
A beautiful old barn, pretty centrally located. What could be better?
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Engagement Photography at the Old Willis Dairy

As an engagement photographer, we have had the pleasure of capturing romantic moments at some of Tallahassee's most unique and beautiful venues, one of them is the Old Willis Dairy.

  • Old Willis Dairy - This historic dairy farm offers a variety of settings for engagement photography, including rustic barns, lush fields, and charming pastures. The natural beauty of the farm provides a serene and romantic backdrop for your photos.
  • The Dairy Barn - The charming and rustic barn is the perfect location for capturing intimate and candid moments.
  • The Pasture - The lush fields and pastures of Old Willis Dairy are the perfect setting for romantic and timeless engagement photos.
  • The Silo - The tall silos provide a unique and interesting backdrop for your engagement photos.
  • The Dairy House - The charming and rustic dairy house offers a beautiful setting for indoor engagement photos.

We are also happy to travel to other venues in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. Contact us to discuss your specific photography needs and to schedule a consultation.

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