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Who Is courtney Wahl?

Courtney Wahl is a mother, a wife, a lover of beauty in any expression, and a classically trained singer among other things, but I am also an award winning photographer.

Courtney Wahl, professional wedding and boudoir photographer in Tallahassee Florida

I have had a camera in my hand since I was little, always trying to document life. I started my own journey on film learning in school and college to develop my own style and abilities.

My style is deeply rooted in comfort and celebration through self-acceptance. I like to spend a good amount of time before a shoot getting to know them because I want my photographs to reveal the real, honest, beautiful you.

I love getting to let who you are shine brightly from behind the scenes and I'll often spend an hour just chatting about your journey to the moment that brought you in front of my camera.

I do a ton of different types of photography, but most of my work could be fit into a few categories:

If you're ready to have an awesome experience that will help celebrate a positive and beautiful moment in your life, reach out and get in touch!

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