Engagement Photos
Photograph this moment of love and let it live forever in your home and memory.
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If you're getting ready to announce to the world that you've found your person, there is no better way to do it than with photography. Tallahassee, Florida - and the southeast United States in general provide a million different settings that seem varied enough to give any newly committed couple a backdrop that is as unique and beautiful as they are.

Finding that special someone is supposed to be the hard part. Let me help you make remembering it easy.

Past Photography for happy Couples

a recently engaged woman's hand with her engagement ring resting on her horse's nosea couple in a photoshoot with their doga recently engaged couple looking lovingly at each othera recently engaged man and woman walking under mossy oaks in Tallahassee Floridaa recently engaged woman's hand with a diamond ringa dog with a wedding ring on its heada recently engaged couple hugginga couple who were recently engagedman proposing to his girlfriend in a garden near a pool in Tallahassee Florida

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